Superbowl 2014


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What is the Superbowl?

The super bowl, the highest level in the American football game, is an annual championship game between NFC and AFC division of champions in the NFL. This game actually sprung into existence as a result of a merger between the pre-existing NFL and the rivaling upstarts at that time, the American Football League. Even though the owners of both leagues agreed in unison to call the merger “AFL-NFL championship game,” the media hype retroactively labeled the game “Super bowl,” which was a suggestion made by Lamar Hunt–the owner of Kansas City chiefs.

According to Lamar hunt, the name “super bowl’ was inspired by her daughter’s super ball toy. And as per the letter he wrote to Pete Rozelle–NFL commissioner at that time–25th July, 1966, he had jokingly suggested the name with the hope that it might be improved upon in future, only to be surprised later on when it officially became the name of the game.

Before the merger, the two leagues re-designated as a conference and agreed to play the AFL-NFL-championship-game until 1970; or until the merger was made official. The game was then played between the champions of each conference, even though most people doubted whether AFL was competitive enough to play against their NFL counterparts. That perception changed in the super bowl III after the Baltimore colts were defeated by the New York jets, and in super bowl IV when Minnesota-Vikings were defeated 23-7 by the Kansas city chiefs. The two defeats earned AFL a huge fan base and respect among the game’s enthusiasts.

After the merger, NFL had to realign itself into two conferences. The first conference was formed by combining all the teams from the former AFL with 3 teams from NFL (Pittsburgh Steers, Colts and Cleveland Browns) to form the American-Football-Conference (AFC). The rest of the remaining teams from NFL teamed up to form the National League Conference, NFC. Each of the two teams was two produce a champion team annually to out-play each other during the super bowls.

Each year, the winning team is awarded with a championship trophy, commonly referred to as Vince Lombardi trophy. This trophy is named after Vince Lombardi, Green Bay Parker’s first coach who helped the team to win the first two Super Bowl trophies as well as the three out of the five NFL championship that preceded the merger: the 1961, 1962 and the 1965 NFL championships. It was named after this coach following his death in September 1970, and first awarded to Baltimore Colt after winning the Super Bowl V–held in Miami.

Early History–1960s

The first two super bowls were won by Green Bay Parker in the two consecutive years. This was after the team defeated Kansas City Chiefs in 1966 and the Oakland Raiders in 1967. At that time, Barr Starr, who also happened to lead the team from quarterback, was considered as the most valuable player in the team. These two championships, combined with the three NFL championships the team had before the merger, have made Green Bay to be among the most revered teams throughout NFL’s history; thus, credited as the team with the most successful stretch in NFL’s history.

After the two consecutive wins by Green Bay Parker, the Super Bowl III championship was won by the AFL’s New York Jets when it crushed NFL’s Baltimore Colts 16-7. The jets at that time were led by the quarterback player, Joe Namath, and the former coach of Colts, Weeb Ewbank. This was the first defeat AFL had over their NFL counterparts, and which made AFL to be viewed as a competitive equals to NFL. This was reinforced a year later, 1969, during super bowl IV, when Kansas City Chiefs crushed Minnesota Vikings of NFL 23-7.

Game History -

From the game history, Pittsburgh Steers are credited as the team with the highest number of super bowl victories when compared to the rest of the teams. It has so far managed to scoop six championship trophies since the onset of the games. It is closely followed by San Francisco and Dallas Cowboy, which have 5 championship victories each. Third on the line we have the New York Giants and the Grey bay Parkers with 5 championship victories each. For the remaining teams, 13 have at least scooped a one championship victory, while 10 have been appearing in the games without winning a single trophy.

From inception to date, 49 super bowl games have been played in total. 36 of these games were played on January, while the rest of the super bowl games since 2002 have been playing on February. From all the games played, NFC dominates the chat after winning 27 games in total, while AFC follows closely by accumulating a total of 22 champion victories. On average, the games registers a television audience of about 60 million viewers; hence considered as one of the most popular games we have in the world, especially in the US.